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Tuesday, January 31, 2012

It has been a wonderful experience...

It has been a wonderful experience writing these small stones daily (except for the last few days) throughout this month.  I decided to take part in order to start the year off doing something that I knew would be challenging, different, and rewarding.  It was all of these things.  I would like to continue to some degree.  The last few days, as Fiona had pointed out in a recent e-mail, life got in the way.  And on those days that events and being busy seemed to get in the way, I felt a certain regret.  A regret that I could not remember what I had noticed, if indeed I had noticed anything around me.  Fiona's message really made me feel better about all that.  I think that I will take a little break and then perhaps start up again.  Many thanks to Fiona and Kaspa for setting this all up, and to my friend Amy for getting me into the blogroll!  The guest contributors on Writing Our Way Home were fantastic, and really quite helpful.  It was also lovely to get some comments from other river-folk ;-), and to read so many amazing small stones.  Thanks everyone!  Thanks so much.

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