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Saturday, December 31, 2011

Another Year Gone By...

It seems that time IS flying, whether you're having fun anymore, or not!  Have you noticed that this year, quickly winding down now, went by incredibly fast?  Of course, I've been saying this very same thing for the past several years, but really this year seems to have really flown by.  Perhaps it's the fast pace of life these days, or the many distractions encountered in a day's time.  Each day, 24 hours worth, seems to also be gone before I know it.  I would like to be able to look back on next year at this time, God willing, and have taken the opportunity to reflect on all that happened.  Moreover, beginning tomorrow (at least for the first month of the year) I have resolved to take a few minutes each day, to really take notice of the world around me, and write about it.  I am participating in "A River of Stones" for the very first time.  You can join in too, by visiting  I am a bit apprehensive, because...well, I haven't been doing much writing and I think I'm a bit rusty.  Nevertheless, I will be a participant, and I expect that it will be a rewarding experience.  May it be so, and may this coming year bring us all each what we need.